• You can have 1-5 buy positions at any time, each is with 20% weight.
  • You can also have 1-5 prepare to buy positions if you do not want to buy right away.
  • You can switch your prepare to buy position to buy anytime during the game.
  • You can close a position to take profits, takes losses or simply to start new stock picks.
  • Your portfolio will be equally divided into 5 positions with 20% allocation each and the rest is in cash. Cash is assumed to have 0% return.
  • Please only pick stocks with a market cap over 1 billion. If you pick a stock with a marketcap less than 1 billion your winning pick might not give you any medals.
  • If you're the friend of another user then you can see his private picks, otherwise you would only see ??? on the screen.
Note: if you cannot find your tickers please send us a message.

How to Play:

1. Click this button on the main page to Enter a Competition.
2. Click this button on the main page to Pick My Stocks.
3. Choose the companies you are interested in buying and selling.
4. Comment on your picks, share your insights and document your trades. Determine if you want to buy or sell this company.
5. You can also click on 10x and 0.1x if you think they will go up 10 times or go down 90% in 5 years.
6. Click on Save at the bottom of the page to save your picks.
7. If you do not like a position anymore you can just close it and buy and sell new stocks.
8. Track your returns every day and how your stocks perform compare to others.
9. Feel free to use the Stock Screener to do some research on the companies you are interested in.
10. Good luck with everything.
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